The Fourth International Legume Football Cup was played out. The winners were Starch Shuttles FC.
All the cup players got medals and the challenge cup was brought to Canada by the winners’ Captain, Tom Warkentin.

The Fourth International Legume Football Cup (ILFC) which will be held on Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

Huge success of the previous three competitions, held in Antalya 2010, Novi Sad 2013, and Tróia 2016 encouraged us to organize the fourth edition along the ILS3 Conference in Poznan. We want to stress out that the idea behind every ILFC is to enjoy ourselves and have fun! There will be awards for the best teams and the best supporters!

We are happy to invite you to participate and support one of the following teams:

This year, all teams are loosely based upon products from legumes, and both their name and logo were kindly designed by our dear friend and colleague Aleksandar Mikich. You can freely select and join/support any team you prefer, it does not have to be connected with your scientific research/interests.

​The cup will be played in the following format: the match will last 20 min (2x 10 min, 3 min break), the teams will consist of 5 players in the field, and the rest in reserve with unlimited number of substitutions during the match.
There will be 2 semi-finals, then both losing teams will play against each other in 3rd place match, and winning teams will play in grand finale. 

Due to limited transport (bus) capacity, the registration is obligatory. The registration forms were sent via email to all participants, who have shown interest in football cup during registration to ILS3. If you want to register or you are looking for more information please contact Wojciech Bielski at:

Registration deadline is April 2nd, and then we will nominate team captains, and provide detailed information about the teams, schedule and bus transport.

See you at the stadium!